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Alien 3

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Aliens Vs Predator

Alien Resurrection

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The God Light 
Nigel Phelp's Auriga "crucifix ship"
Designing The Final Auriga  

Creature and SFX department
The Newborn
ADI's Newborn Rod Puppet
The Viper Pit / Nest 
Citadel Miniatures's Plague Elemental inspire the Newborn?
Alien Stunt Head Prop (Genuine?)
Dr Wren (J.E. Freeman) Animatronic Bust 

DiStephano's costume
Vriess' costume
Hillard's costume
Christie's costume
Elgyn's costume

Concept Artists
Sylvain Despretz
Chris Cunningham / Halls
Steve Wang
Jordu Schell
Arthur Lee
unnamed 2

Giger's responses to the issue of his credit in the film
 Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.1 (November 13th 1997)
Giger's letter to 20th C Fox no.2 (December 19th 1997)

 Jan Kounen and the alien
Dark Horse Alien comics influence
Ripley - Call: A lesbian relationship? 
Homage to Ken Russell's "Mahler"?

Echoes from Alien Resurrection
Chris Cunningham's "Africa Shox" music video.
Alien Resurrection inspires Pitof's Vidocq
Creature-Effect's alien mutant

Extract from "Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy"
Extract from "Extract from Joss Whedon: Geek King Of The Universe